Help us reach $150k by August 31.

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks to hear first-hand stories of how these programs have been changing lives.

We have some good news and some hard news…

The good news is that our programs are expanding, growing, enhancing, filling up with more students, families, and neighbors, providing more resources that promote learning and leadership and healthy, well-rounded elementary and high school students. It’s been amazing to see the Kingdom impact in our programs and how God has taught us more about His compassion and desire to walk with us.

The hard news, however, is that we don’t currently have the ability to sustain our programs at their present capacity, let alone sustain the rate at which they’re growing. We want to see our programs grow, but at the moment, we are at risk of lessening our impact. We are at risk of cutting programs, reducing our ability and capacity to provide the space and resources mentioned above.

Our current need is $150,000.

Our programs that are currently at risk are:

1.) Garnet and Maple neighborhood after school programs (serving 158 students)

2.) IMPACT leadership development program (serving 42 student leaders and 31 mentors)

3.) SOLFul (serving approx. 400 students)

4.) Workforce Development Program - WDP (serving approx. 50 students)

Will you consider standing with us and donating to keep these programs running? 


" I'm excited to see my siblings go through the same program & gain the same confidence."

Help us reach 150k By august 31.


"Solful doesn't just help the little kids, it helps the families grow."

Help us reach 150k by august 31.

Solidarity & IMPACT "show the community that they can be leaders, so others can lean on them too."

Help us reach $150k by August 31.

"Solidarity is important to me because it feels like a family... I don't really have that at home as much."

Help us reach $150k by August 31.

"For 15 years we’ve been trusting God to provide, and we know he’ll do so again."

Help us reach $150k by August 31.