Solidarity has been engaged in local neighborhoods in Fullerton and São Paulo since 2002 earning trust, developing relationships, and experiencing transformation. We didn't get to this place by reading one book, or following a single strategic plan, or developing one program... it was a PROCESS.

We invite you to join our process to better reach your city.

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Everything first starts with a continual EXPERIENCE of God’s Kingdom and aligning ourselves to the things He is already doing in your city.

Solidarity guides you and your church leaders to EXPERIENCE God’s movement in areas of suffering within the city.

  • Experience Fullerton: Come experience Fullerton in a fresh and new way and learn how to exegete and engage your city.
  • Experience São Paulo: Travel with us to Brazil, and learn how to see God in areas like Crackland and favelas. Let us help you struggle with the tension on how to take your experience and live it out at home in your city.
  • Experience Your City: Solidarity can help you to experience your city in a different way and discover the areas that God is already working in it to unleash compassion.


After recognizing the movement of God, we need to develop language and structure to process or articulate what God has been doing. This is why EDUCATION is so crucial.

Solidarity EDUCATES your leaders and congregation on reaching your city through Theology and Praxis.

  • 1 Day Workshop: These workshops are designed and crafted to help you reach your city. From peacemaking to a theological and practical framework for city engagement, these workshops give you all you need to reach your city.
  • 6 Week Small Group Curriculum: We are building out a way for your small groups to learn how to engage their city and context in a meaningful way as a means of discipleship.
  • 6 Month Learning Cohort: Let us journey with you and your leaders to help be a catalyst towards deeper church involvement in your city.


Then, the fun begins. God gives us an opportunity to join in His creative character. Solidarity helps in the CREATION of a context for relationships. We will help you craft a context for relationship to fit your specific city so that your people can engage the city in a meaningful and intentional way.

Solidarity helps you CREATE a sustainable missional Context For Relationship (CFR) for your congregation to reach your city.

  • Strategic Plan
  • Implementation Strategy



The final part is the INTEGRATION phase of the process. We will create a custom process with you to help engage your holistic discipleship plan that complements existing church elements. We believe that you will not only see the city transform but your church as well.

Solidarity will journey with your church toward full INTEGRATION between the congregation and the newly developed CFR.

  • Coaching for CFR Excellence
  • Consulting for Congregational Integration
  • Sustainability and Support


For more information, email tommynixon@solidarityrising.org